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Investigative Services

Many courses online are “Theory Only” lacking practical experience. This is why so many people fail to achieve their goals when starting their own practice in our Industry.

We are an industry first, offering hands on practical training with real investigation scenarios & real industry exposure. By completing this package you will leave with a Government accredited license (subject to Police licensing requirements) & the knowledge and practical experience which will allow you to conduct your own investigations in a professional manner.

$ 3,995.00 + GST

What can you expect from Spy School’s “Investigative Service” package?

We have tailored your training into 2 learning criterias:

  1.  Spy School’s physical face to face exclusive training sessions includes:

Receive 44hrs of practical training ☑

Fast track your license ☑

Study online at your own pace ☑

Exposure to real spy equipment ☑

2.   Online Studies provided by (Certificate III Investigative Services) Registered RTO 4282

Once you have enrolled, you are requiredcomplet to e the following subjects online:
  1. Contribute to effective workplace relationships
  2. Organize personal work priorities and developments
  3. Maintain workplace safety in the security industry
  4. Prepare evidence in court
  5. Store and protect information
  6. Work effectively in investigation services
  7. Develop investigation plan
  8. Compile investigation report
  9. Provide quality investigative services to client
  10. Conduct surveillance
  11. Organize and operate a surveillance vehicle
  12. Gather information by factual investigations
  13. Conduct interviews and statement taking
  14. Operate information gathering equipment
  15. Locate subjects

You will work at your own pace through the 15 online modules. During your online studies you will then be required to attend face to face training on the following subjects held at our Parramatta Spy School office, Suite 21, 410 Church Street in Parramatta NSW 2150

Week 1.          4hrs Thursday (6pm-10pm)

Week 2.          4hrs Tuesday (6pm-10pm)

This subject includes two separate 4hr classroom sessions and a 4hr field assignment. It will include live search principals and methodologies using multiple data base searches with open and closed source techniques and inquiries that professional investigators use.  The 4hr field assignment will be mixed in with the “conduct surveillance” module. Where the students will locate a subject via their skills obtained in the 4hr classroom sessions. Students will then conduct surveillance as a part of locating a home address.

Week 2.           4hrs Thursday (6pm-10pm)

This subject will include 4hr of theory and practical exposure on the preparation of a surveillance vehicle, followed by the use of surveillance equipment, the difficulties you can expect out in the field with equipment and how to rectify these issues via our training methods. Templates for report writing will be issued and covered during this classroom.

Week 3.          4hrs Tuesday (6pm-10pm)

Week 3.          4hrs Thursday (6pm-10pm)  

Week 3.          8hrs Saturday (9am-5pm) 

Week 4.          8hrs Saturday (9am-5pm)

This module will commence with a 4hr lecture on safety, awareness and a general overview on methodologies when conducting surveillance in multiple environments such as rural and C.B.D accompanied with the risks that apply in these environments as a trainee investigator.

Second class, week 3: It’s important whislt you are training as an investigator to understand how to prepare for your assignment prior to dispatch, once preparation has been completed the remaining time will be spent on foot surveillance in evening environment. (This module will not be an undercover assignment).

Third class, week 3: Your mission as a group will be to successfully follow a subject through a busy environment on foot, this particular module will not be an undercover mission though more to establish your foundation and techniques prior to conducting your undercover assignment in a later module.

Week 4 Saturday: Your 4th and last week of training is held on a Saturday which will comprise of 8hrs of surveillance education in a vehicle. Your mission for surveillance is already prepared from your previous instructions received on week 4, Thursday. You will learn how to follow a vehicle covertly, including basic techniques used from some of our best investigator trainers. The vehicle surveillance component to this module is important as they expose real issues investigators are face with in surveillance environments and how to overcome these issues. You are required to work in teams for this exercise.

Week 4.         4hrs Tuesday (6pm-10pm)

Week 4.         4hrs Thursday (6pm-10pm)

Week 4. Tuesday: Once surveillance has been completed, the students will be required to submit their surveillance report on week 3, third class (foot surveillance).This report will be conducted after hours as homework and must be submitted for review on week 4, Tuesday. Once you have submitted your report our teachers will review your findings, this is where you will become proficient in report writing, learning from the best in the industry. This will give our teachers the opportunity to review the students current documentation written on the Saturday and Thursday previous, then give the students a deeper skill set to work from.

Week 4, Thursday: Students will also re-enact a locate, gathering information from a client and preparing for the surveillance job. The students must present their findings and demonstrate how they will organize their surveillance operation to the teacher. Students will need to document and ask specific questions to the client, students will be exposed to a CRM software package during this exercise.

Week 5 Tuesday:  Students will be issued their certificate from Spy School at a function organized event. This evening is not compulsory though it gives the students an opportunity to look at upgrading to the advance package or privileged partner package. It will also give the students the opportunity to discuss any other questions that may not have been answered through out the training session including advice and assistance.