Upgrade Training Module For Level 1.1 Graduates

This training course is an additional upgrade course which is offered to Level 1.1 Graduates only

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Additional Upgrade For Level 1.1 Graduates Only


Additional Upgrade For Level 1.1 Graduates Only

This is an additional ‘Upgraded Training Module’ focusing on advance practical methods of surveillance and counter-surveillance techniques.

Graduates of Level 1.1 – ‘Be Your Own Boss’ have the opportunity to enhance their technical knowledge and skills to a more advanced level.

We recommend this upgrade level to graduates that are considering working in the industry as sub-contractors or business owners.

$ 1,200.00 + GST

Receive 24hrs Of Practical Training ☑

Exposure To Real Spy Equipment ☑

Study After Business Hours and Weekends 

What can you expect to learn in the advanced training module?

  • Learn specifics around the surveillance devices act.
  • Legalities around obtaining information via inquiries, video footage and audio recordings.
Advanced Mobile Surveillance:
  • Includes methodologies working with-in teams, on foot surveillance, vehicle pursuits & night surveillance.
  • Specialized techniques spies use.
  • Scenario’s to practice your techniques.
  • Counter surveillance, how to identify when a subject is conducting counter surveillance manoeuvres.
  • Measures that can be implemented to avoid suspicion.
Electronics in the field:
  • Exposure to covert GPS devices, how they work. Scenario exposure to installation methods (Legal applications).
  • Listening Devices, exposure to listening devices, types of listening devices how they work and how devices can be installed.
  • Exposure to video surveillance issues and how to overcome technical issues in the field whilst conducting surveillance