Surveillance & Counter-Surveillance

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Privileged Partner Package is for the Investigator license holders or ‘Be Your Own Boss’ Graduates

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Privileged Partner – Surveillance & Counter-Surveillance

This training course is considered the most advanced and final level training module. This private course comes with special privileges granting access to the use of high-level surveillance and counter-surveillance equipment necessary for the procurement of high-level lucrative assignments. This training course is for Investigator license holders or Level 1.1 – ‘Be Your Own Boss’ graduates.

The Spy School Privileged Partner training package is a very intense training course targeted towards the training of specialized surveillance and counter surveillance equipment.

Once you have completed the spy equipment training course successfully you will  be granted the unique opportunity to access the equipment at your convenience. The equipment will be available to be hired to your business at a special partner discounted rate.

“Having this knowledge and the tools increases your exposure to high end lucrative clients and assignments.”

Receive 100hrs Of Intense Practical Training ☑

Become An Alliance Partner ☑*

Access To Specialized Equipment ☑ *

International Intelligence Agency Certified ☑

Our mission is to arm our partners with the knowledge and the tools required for success!

Be Your Own Boss’ Graduates
$ 11,995.00 + GST
Privileged Partner Course Module
$ 12,995.00 + GST

Covered Training Subjects
  • Introduction in RF.
  • Exposure to how bugging is conducted and its methodologies.
  • Introduction to T.S.C.M equipment.
  • Introduction into the Oscor spectrum analyser.
  • Introduction into CPM-700 and Israeli Broadband detectors.
  • Introduction into the Orion NLJD.
  • Exposure to real listening device, look and feel.
  • Learning the principals and use of T.S.C.M equipment.
  • Including preparation, use and identification processors in locating a listening device.
  • Rf trace and comparatives- RF mapping.
  • Live RF tracing method.
Advanced Functions
  •  Locate hidden listening devices on a government level.
  • Practical and theory driven training across several T.S.C.M products.
  • Detecting non transmitting devices.
  • Detecting frequency hopping, burst and packeted devices.
  • ORION Non-Linear Junction Evaluator.
  • In depth, multiple day sweep exercise.
  • in classroom LIVE SWEEPS with various threat and vulnerability types.
  • Test theory and practical.
Electronic Forensic Investigation

Investigate electronic devices, recover deleted data forensically and investigate specialized information gathering techniques.

The Topics Covered

A) Introduction to forensic equipment (cellebrite)

B) Difference between forensic and recovery

  • Mobile phone, USB & portable hard drive compatibility.
  • Mobile device forensic process.
  • Extraction on devices.
  • Analysis of mobile devices.
    • Logical Extraction
    • Password Extraction
  • Theory and practical test.
    • Password Extraction
    • SIM Extraction
    • SIM Cloning (Safety SIMs)
    • Malware Scanning
    • Timeline Analysis

C) File System Extractions.

D) Physical Extractions.

Terms and Conditions

Hire is only available for the state of NSW, coverage for other states will be advised in due course. All applicants submitting for partnership will undergo screening, insurance is required for items leaving to and from our headquarters, forensic evaluations will be conducted onsite at our office. Power and access to our office will be granted to all partners.

Pricing on hire will be discussed upon application submission of interest and only once compliance screening has been met.

Devices available for hire:

Ufed forensic devices, updates cables all inclusive.

Cpm-700 broadband detector- advanced.

Israeli broadband detector.

Oscor Spectrum Analyser

Orion non linear junction detector

Night vision camera

fibre optic scope